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As Facilities Management Booms, Global Tech Conference Tackles Talent Gap

February 14, 2018 — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

With the industry of facilities management (FM) catching its stride, the demand for future leaders in this sector has become more pressing than ever. More and more organizations are using data-driven software solutions to optimize the management of real estate and facilities (which comprise 30% of average organizational expenditures), but this growth is not being matched by a workforce large enough to fill these expanding technology-driven roles.

The ARCHIBUS Foundation is therefore meeting this challenge by hosting FM students at the industry’s premier conference, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2018, as part of the Foundation’s broader mission to develop the next generation of skilled FM talent.

NEXUS 2018 will see ARCHIBUS, the industry’s leading software solution, host leaders from institutions including MIT and The Boston Consulting Group in Boston, for three days in April. The conference will focus on technological advancements, and the innovative ways practitioners are using them to make a difference throughout the public and private sectors.

While Nexus has become the pulse of the industry by convening developers and users to push the limits of what technology-driven FM can achieve, the presence of the ARCHIBUS Foundation’s student initiative will, for the first time, see the conference take on a formative role regarding future FM leaders.

The initiative is designed to breathe new life into the industry, expose students to an innovative global network, and enhance the value of FM in higher education.

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