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Wise Cho Named as New CEO at ARCHIBUS, Inc., the World's #1 Software Solution for Real Estate, Infrastructure & Facilities Management

January 22, 2016 — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

BOSTON, MA, USA – ARCHIBUS, Inc. the World’s #1 Solution for Real Estate, Infrastructure & Facilities Management is pleased to announce Wise Cho has been appointed CEO, effective January 19, 2016.

Mr. Cho has been with ARCHIBUS for over twenty years and has played a key role in supporting the vision and growth of ARCHIBUS as CFO.   

Prior to joining ARCHIBUS, Mr. Cho worked at ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri), United Technologies/Otis in Asia, and General Electric/Aircraft Engine Group.  His educational background includes a MBA from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania, a Master’s in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) with a major in Computer Science from Northeastern University, and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) with honors from Brown University.

With over two decades of executive leadership experience in this industry along with his global/international business, technology, and educational background, Mr. Cho is ideally suited to lead ARCHIBUS.

“I enthusiastically welcome Wise as our new CEO,” says Forbes, Chairman of ARCHIBUS, Inc. “I am confident in Wise and the executive leadership team who have been working together for over 10 years to continue leading ARCHIBUS in this rapidly growing industry.”

“I’m excited and honored to continue to advance ARCHIBUS and the ARCHIBUS community around the world,” said Cho.   “We look to expand ARCHIBUS and the ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System to meet the needs of our growing base of customer organizations.”

About ARCHIBUS and its associated ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System

ARCHIBUS is the #1 Real Estate, Infrastructure & Facilities Management Solution in the World with the total annual expenditures for ARCHIBUS-related products and services at over $2.7 billion (USD). There are over 8,000,000 ARCHIBUS Users within the ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System worldwide at over 44,000 deployment sites, which are supported by over 1,700 ARCHIBUS Solution Centers and Certified Business Partners. ARCHIBUS Users manage over 22 million buildings and properties, saving their organizations over $100 billion annually. For more than four decades, ARCHIBUS innovations have fostered institutional, business and government transformations.

Since 1968, ARCHIBUS has been a pioneer in “Smart” technologies for properties, buildings, campuses and cities. Since 1980, ARCHIBUS has been involved in the evolution of “Smart Cities” into “Intelligent Cities”. Currently active in over 190 countries, ARCHIBUS is now the #1 global advisor and “smart city technologies integrator” for Intelligent Cities and Communities Transformation™” (ICCT™) Programs and Initiatives.  Through their use of ARCHIBUS, we expect organizations to realize annual savings of over $240 billion (USD) which can be utilized to enable best-of-class environments for their staff and consultants and result in, better productivity and increase in Gross Domestic Production Levels.

The comprehensive ARCHIBUS solution suite addresses the most challenging business issues in: Real Estate Portfolio Management; Capital Project Management; Space Planning & Management; Move Management; Asset Management; Environmental & Risk Management; Building Operations; Intelligent Workplace Services and Service Level Agreement Management™; and Extensions & Frameworks for “Smart Cities”; “Intelligent Cities” and “Intelligent Individuals  & Communities”; Quad-Directional Connectivity™ [A/N | CAD | BIM | GIS]; Intelligent-Performance Metrics, Intelligent-Mobile Apps Frameworks; Intelligent-Crowd Sourcing™ and Intelligent-Social Media™; Intelligent-Enterprise Information Modeling™; Intelligent Enterprise Asset Management™; Intelligent-Enterprise Resource Planning™ (i-ERP™); Ubiquitous Big Data™; Ubiquitous Infrastructure & Facilities Management™; and more.