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James believes that Nexus is a genesis, where you discover what you can do in the next year— to become better.

Hear how Nexus reboots Saren’s enthusiasm for her work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


The ARCHIBUS Community is a diverse, inclusive and compassionate ecosystem of professionals, industry experts and business people who tirelessly work to help the world manage, optimize and preserve the built and natural environments. To flourish, the ARCHIBUS community needs a space where they can connect, share their experiences, and realize their possibilities. That space is ARCHIBUS Nexus. Please find below reasons why you need to attend the next ARCHIBUS Nexus.

In three short days, network with “a lot of good people—a lot of good information” to solve problems and gain problem-solving resources, to learn from many peers with wide experience and different viewpoints how to improve processes, get better results—and advance your career. Interface with ARCHIBUS product managers and software designers. We’ve been told “it’s like coming home to family”. Despite the large number of people attending Nexus, the conference is at a scale that you can know people by name or by face, and sit down to catch up—find out where their projects are.

Build your support system for accessing resources, connecting with colleagues who have goals and challenges similar to your own organization’s—or who have succeeded in working through your current challenges and now are able to help you, providing answers and perspective. In 2017, connect better with users in your geographic region to join or form an ARCHIBUS users’ group (AUG).

Collect interesting, valuable stories that other users are so willing to share, by talking with those who have been through a similar implementation process—they might suggest your organization stop something, or go back.

Become part of the dynamic progression of learning and then giving back by sharing with others to help them advance, too. Get to know others in various roles at other organizations, gaining insight into making stronger business cases to support your proposals for more resources to achieve your organization’s goals and objectives.

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See the big picture of what your organization can do now – and will be able to do in the future … especially valuable for planners and strategists within your organization to do their jobs … and for other users to grow more into such a role, to gain more visibility and rise through the ranks.

Opportunity for members of your entire business team to learn about aspects of ARCHIBUS that are of most interest to them … to step away from day-to-day concerns for some reflection and be reminded of what is possible for you all and for your entire organization.

Get questions answered to solve problems that will save your organization money and time, increase efficiencies … perhaps even bring in new revenue by identifying more built space that is being used for various research grant projects, and by utilizing space more efficiently.

Tech sessions help users get into the nuts & bolts of ARCHIBUS usage at a functional, detailed level. Best Practices sessions offer opportunities to exchange ideas, across different industries.

Learn about ARCHIBUS products and services, new features and technologies, areas of which your organization and Business Partner have not been aware to achieve objectives: the state of the art in ARCHIBUS product capabilities, to become better stewards of your organization�s built environment and related information. There is always some new technique, some brilliant idea / process tip at Nexus from someone out there who�s been diligently working away, from whom you can get information first-hand to bring back for your own organization to implement and benefit from.

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Come for a new vision of the potential you hold with ARCHIBUS: discover what is possible. Come to realize that you are not alone: the pain points and challenges you experience are universal.

Come to learn the breadth of organizations that use ARCHIBUS, how many from so many different sorts of organizations, for so many different reasons. Maximize your organization’s investment in ARCHIBUS, to better realize its potential; increase your organization’s return on investment in ARCHIBUS.

Hear how other organizations are succeeding in ways your own organization has envisioned – or has not yet thought of. Now you can contribute to your organization’s vision; be inspired and inspire others.

Nexus provides a platform on which you can speak, too, share your own experiences and realizations – as well as learn about others’ experiences.

Advance your career, realizing your own aspirations, with the training you receive and the connections you make at Nexus. Participants have told us they always go back to their workplace “with fully charged batteries.”

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