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Saturday - 04/07/2018

08:00 AM -
08:30 AM

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Business and IT alignment

Business and IT alignment is a dynamic state in which organizations effectively use information technology (IT) to achieve their objectives, including—but not limited to—improved financial performance, transparency, business continuity, social & environmental responsibility, and/or innovation & competitiveness. Presentations may focus on the outcome: the ability of IT to produce business value, or the means: the harmony between IT and business decision-makers within an organization.

Strategic areas in which ARCHIBUS solutions play a decisive role, include:

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Strategic Alignment

Strategy & Workplace

The way companies allocate and use workspace is changing due to new work habits and behaviors, mobile devices, energy costs, and the dynamism and pace of business. Because companies now consider Real Estate to be part of their business strategy, people and technology are gaining importance as factors in location and workplace design decisions. Integrated workplace management solutions allow organizations to take more time planning their location, medium- and long-term occupancy needs, and space layouts to meet both the organization’s and people’s expectations.

Strategic areas in which ARCHIBUS solutions play a decisive role, include:

Strategy & Leadership

Workplace Services

Digital Workplace

The convergence of the physical and digital worlds is a reality. While we still can make a difference between the click and mortar worlds, the truth is the line between the two is being blurred. Technology advancements in several fields like building information modeling, smartphones, building systems and components, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data science are pushing us to think about the future and how that will transform our work life and everything else.

Strategic areas in which ARCHIBUS solutions play a decisive role, include:

Smart Buildings

Intelligent Cities and Campuses