ARCHIBUS Awards Nominations

The ARCHIBUS, Inc. Awards of Excellence Program was instituted in 1998 to honor facility professionals, Business Partners, users' groups, and other organizations whose Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Facilities Management vision and accomplishments in technology/process improvements and service are exceptional and deserve recognition. The Awards of Excellence Program is based on extraordinary achievements in 14 separate categories.

Deadline for Nominations: February 8, 2018

Important: Please remember that a reason is required for each nomination so we can seriously consider specific details of candidate's achievements and eligibility. Please include your name, company, and phone number (required fields) at the end of this form.

IWMS and TIFM Business Alliance Award

To the software organizations that, together with ARCHIBUS, Inc., are creating tools and systems that enable the most effective and efficient Business Practices. These international companies are having a global influence on the healthy growth of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management technologies.

Distinguished Author Award

To the person whose article or research paper raises the awareness of the importance of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management technologies, and whose vision and efforts in the face of obstacles and pitfalls has resulted in major success.

Application Excellence Award

This award is being presented to the organizations that have demonstrated a unique, innovative application of the ARCHIBUS software to their company's own needs and overall structure. All of these organizations can be viewed as explorers and visionaries who, early on, had the courage to "push the envelope" and "see outside of the box." None of them are new to the challenges and rewards of TIFM.

Distinguished User Award

This award is presented to an organization that has provided sustained leadership in its implementing and using real estate, infrastructure and facilities management technologies.

International Environmental Sustainability Award

Given to the organization whose efforts, on its own behalf and for the benefit of the larger community, have promoted environmental sustainability through multiple means such as reducing energy consumption, increasing the amount and quality of green space, implementing alternative energy and workplace strategies, and funding environmental education projects.

Energy Efficiency Award

Given to an organization that has reduced their energy use and costs with innovative technology and management methods—shrinking their carbon footprint, and serving as an example for others to model.

Risk Management Award

Given to an organization that has taken a comprehensive view of climate change threats and natural disasters, or human error — all of which pose organizational and individual health and safety concerns — and has implemented technologies to mitigate such risks.

IWMS and TIFM Best Practices Award

To the individual or team whose business process management has had a substantial, positive effect contributing to the success of many organizations.

IWMS and TIFM Visionary of the Year Award

To the individual whose vision and ideas exemplify the most innovative, far-seeing technical possibilities and strategies for real estate, infrastructure and facilities management technologies.

Innovative Business Transformation Award

To the individual whose ingenuity and dedication have had a tsunami effect on the organizational enterprise by extending its existing Enterprise Resource Planning suite with information-sharing that connects strategic missions directly to staff, real estate, and facility operations.

Users' Group Educational Excellence Award

Presented to the ARCHIBUS Users' Group that has experienced exceptional participation due to quality educational offerings and programs. The group consistently presents outstanding programs designed to meet the needs of its professional members.

ARCHIBUS Users' Group (AUG) Leader of the Year Award

Presented to the ARCHIBUS Users’ Group Leader who has demonstrated exceptional initiative, leadership, enthusiasm and passion in expanding the AUG experience and furthering the momentum throughout the ARCHIBUS Community.

Meeting Place of the Year Award

Meeting places for users' groups of the most historical or public significance.

Golden Circle Award

Awarded to an organization or an individual whose real estate, infrastructure and facilities management practices contribute to creating and managing productive work environments, and support objectives of the company business plan. These organizations and individuals demonstrate consistent and outstanding management strategies resulting in improved quality of service and effectiveness of the portfolio performance, and their efforts contribute to the overall profitability of their companies or those which they service.

Best Customer Service and Support Award

Awarded to the ARCHIBUS, Inc. Business Partner (Reseller or AAS) who has demonstrated consistent, exemplary service and support of a client's ARCHIBUS implementation, providing both technical and business expertise.

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