ARCHIBUS Success Story

Fluor, Inc.

At Fluor, prior to the installation of ARCHIBUS, preparation of monthly reports was slow and inefficient. Moreover, not all data was equally accessible to the Facilities Management team. Once the ARCHIBUS system was installed, however, all pertinent data became accessible. Ultimately, all departments benefited by being able to make informed decisions about facilities usage. Since Fluor employs some non-standard area measurements and since its finance group has some unique reporting requirements, it relies on ARCHIBUS's high degree of flexibility and ease of customization. The company's facility automation specialists appreciate the way that the system can be set to work without its users being required to master a steep learning curve.

Vital Statistics

Fluor, Inc.
Irvine, CA
Facilities Facts:
Irvine Operations Center— 847,677 SF
ARCHIBUS Applications:
Space Management; Overlay for AutoCAD® with Design Management; Furniture & Equipment Management; Building Operations Management; Work Wizard
Impetus for Implementation:
120%+ churn rate; management directive to trim costs
Benefits Gained:
Generation of rollup reports and work orders; estimated cost savings of $144,000 annually; ability to generate scenarios to aid in strategic space planning.
Business Partner:
Infotech Enterprises, Inc.
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