ARCHIBUS Success Story

Il sole 24 ORE's Perfect Planning Aid

Il sole 24 ORE is the most widely read European financial newspaper. The company felt the need to better manage its headquarters and ten other sites in Milan, Italy, its four sites in Rome and the many others abroad-London, Paris, Brussels, New York. This management need, compounded by the additional needs for a new order system and a system that could provide both space management and chargeback capabilities, led the staff at Il sole 24 ORE to implement ARCHIBUS.

The Initial Implementation
They started in November 1997, purchasing their first ARCHIBUS configuration. While corporate staffs are capable of maintaining facility data, they often need support with the initial process of collecting, entering, and verifying data. With the help of OpenPl@n consultants, they implemented the CAFM system: defining the standards and the database, converting paper drawings, arranging existing CAD drawings, converting Excel data and so forth, to implement data for a total of 50,000 square metres.

Within one month, they succeeded in having complete and accurate chargeback analysis reports, much to the surprise of Mr. Giorgio Campironi, the Facility Manager, who was so pleased about the time saved that he said: “It took one hour to do what I usually do in one week! Thanks to ARCHIBUS for a longer and happy Christmas holiday with my family!”

The Perfect Evaluation Tool
In the meantime, a new need was born. The building manager had been planning the relocation of their sites for years: instead of several offices in Milan and Rome, he determined that two large buildings would be better. He was very worried about managing the move and, of course, about searching for the new site. ARCHIBUS was exactly what Il sole 24 ORE was looking for. In fact, Mr. Campironi had lots of different proposals and he had to compare all these offers, so ARCHIBUS was the perfect tool to help him in evaluating the new locations. He was able to highlight usable areas; he could compare efficiency rates and produce standard analyses; he could plan space budgets, and so forth. And then, after having hypothetically defined the site, he was able to create a “what-if” scenario that simulated the move, with the help of preliminary layouts for the occupancy of the rooms.

The new site was a very large building that had once been occupied by a telephone company but, having been abandoned ten years ago, a thorough rehabilitation inside and out was absolutely necessary. The rehabilitation project was assigned to the famous architect, Renzo Piano, who also used ARCHIBUS reports during the project, as they are fundamental to defining new accommodation layouts. Mr. Piano is still working on this project, and the new site is scheduled to be ready within three years.

New Needs, More Modules
One year later, the staff of the Facility Management Department was reduced by 40% because of their fast improvement in using a tool as easy as ARCHIBUS. OpenPl@n consultants are still working with Il sole 24 ORE, not collecting data any longer, but maintaining and amplifying the system as new needs arise. The Real Property & Lease Management application is being used to create links and connectivity to the administration database and to monitor building costs and budgets; the Building Operations application is being used for a call center and to provide maintenance services.

In the Process
Currently they are going to implement their system and are testing some new procedures, the most important of which are: work requests, work orders, work assignments, and feedback through FM Web Central. Satisfied with test results of FM Web Central, they can see the benefit of printing drawings without CAD Office help; everybody can easily print wherever they are, at any time. After installing FM Web Central, they will also implement the Furniture & Equipment Management application which is very, very important for the relocation to and moves within the new site.

End Goal
The end goal is opening the new headquarters sites with all the CAFM processes ready and running: chargeback, telecommunication links, conference meeting room booking via the Web, reporting, and so forth.

The key business goal of the Facility Management operations is to reach a very high quality and efficiency level, at a low cost. Mr. Michele Masnaghetti, Building Manager, has observed: “Today, a big office is like a technological plant, and I would like to monitor all facility information directly from my desk-something like having on my desk the instrument panel of all the rooms. Thanks to ARCHIBUS, I can already do that.”

Vital Statistics

Il sole 24 ORE
Milan, Italy
Facilities Facts:
39 buildings
500,000 SF (400,000 SF ARCHIBUS-managed)
1,200 employees and internal consultants
ARCHIBUS Applications:
Real Property & Lease Management
Space Management
Furniture & Equipment Management
Building Operations Management
Overlay for AutoCAD® with Design Management
Telecommunications & Cable Management
Impetus for Implementation:
Out of date space allocation data; no standards for defining/measuring space. Belief that automation would save money, time, human resources, accommodate more employees. Ease the relocation process.
Benefits Gained:
Saving time and money. Easier access to an integrated source of information; better defined administrative processes; enhanced reporting capabilities; accurate space analysis; information easily shared among different sites.
Future Plans:
Main project: relocation of sites in Milan & Rome. ARCHIBUS helped in evaluating & comparing different locations, planning moves, assisting in design of the new construction. Develop access control system & distribute info via the Intranet with FM Web Central. Integrate telecommunications data & the database server with the Web server. Establish a call center; perform preventive maintenance.
Business Partner:
OpenPl@n divisione di Cad Station Srl, Milan, Italy
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