Vital Statistics
Aeroporti di Roma Group (ADR)
Rome, Italy
Facilities Facts:
Over 1.25 million square meters (12.5 million sq. ft.) of space, 1,600 (4,000 acres) of land, 130 ARCHIBUS users, 50,000+ drawings. Fiumicino airport capacity expected to double by 2040.
Reasons for Implementing:
Business process re-engineering for long-range expansion at Rome’s airports; AutoCAD/GIS integration.
Benefits Gained:
30% savings in data collection, management and updates on retail and other spaces; up to 80% savings on accounting data management; better control of rapidly expanding airport footprint.
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Rome Airports Re-engineer Real Estate and Facilities Management Business Processes with ARCHIBUS

Rome, Italy’s Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports’ expected growth over the coming decades prompted their exclusive facilities management vendor, Aeroporti di Roma Group (ADR), to update its financial, real estate, and facilities management information in a major systems re-engineering project.

The final results, say ADR’s Dario Castracane and Marco Loddo, will be improved facilities management and planning, more responsive service to the airports’ resident businesses, a better passenger experience, and enhanced regulatory and tax compliance, due to its investment in ARCHIBUS.

Doubled Capacity by 2040

Responsible for oversight of the airports’ commercial retail space, infrastructure, planning, operations, and real estate, ADR embarked on the re-engineering projects in anticipation of those facilities’ expected growth over the next 30 years.

The airports’ expanded terminal and runway footprint and upgraded facilities management, telecommunications, and financial systems are designed to handle a growing operation that is projecting volume of 100 million passengers a year, up from 40 million today.

In addition, ADR manages those facilities’ retail concessions and other needs. ADR will also assume a similar management role at Rome’s new Viterbo airport in the near future.

ADR incorporates the latest Web-based version of ARCHIBUS software integrated with the GDS McDonnell Douglas Geographic Information System for building/infrastructure mapping, Autodesk, SAP and other systems—all of which allowed the ADR team to create optimal process efficiency and data-sharing, platform/business integration, and data normalization.

ARCHIBUS Space Management, for example, was a key application for chargeback calculation and building management. Airport tax registry and regulatory accounting, and concession management functions were also implemented in ARCHIBUS, as was the storage of 50,000 drawings.

80% Accounting, 30% Data Collection, Cost Savings

“The main results currently,” reports Loddo, “include up to 30% savings in data collection, management and updates on our retail concessions and other spaces, plus as much as 80% savings on data calculation and updates for our regulatory accounting responsibilities.

“We also have better overall control of our expanding airport footprint which, over the last few decades, has grown from 1,600 hectares (approximately 4,000 acres) to more than 20,000 hectares (49,000 acres) of land with more than 1.25 million sq. meters (12.5 million square feet) of building space under management.”

Future plans include the addition of ARCHIBUS Furniture & Equipment Management, Telecommunications & Cable Management, Fleet Management, Enterprise Move Management, Reservations, Strategic Master Planning, TEAMS Environmental Health & Safety applications.