Vital Statistics
Regional Government of Flanders
Brussels, Belgium
Facilities Facts:
Corporate HQ Brussels, Belgium, has 1500+ buildings, 27,000 employees.
Reasons for Implementing:
Create a comprehensive building inventory, improve facilities management processes.
Benefits Gained:
More detailed overview of existing portfolio; optimized processes; easy creation of management reports.
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Flanders Creates Comprehensive Space Inventory, Online Services, with ARCHIBUS

The region of Flanders is situated in the northern part of Belgium and has 6 million inhabitants. The Flemish government develops and administers policies for the oversight of culture, healthcare, education, housing, environment and the local economy.

In 1998, the government of Flanders decided to centralise all information about its real estate portfolio in one ARCHIBUS database. This was the start of an ambitious plan, for which many steps were required.

They included:

  • Making an inventory of 1500+ buildings
  • Cataloguing all technical installations
  • Implementing the ARCHIBUS Space Management application for a range of its largest buildings
  • Organising a facilities Helpdesk (Service Desk)
  • Implementing the ARCHIBUS Room Reservations application for room scheduling
  • Managing horizontal ICT cabling for all upgraded networks

To maximize the added value of this project for the entire organisation, web technology is used for input and reporting of data for the Helpdesk and the Room Reservations systems.

Building Inventory

In March 1998, PROCOS started to inventory the 1500+ buildings of the Ministry of the Flemish government. The ARCHIBUS data model was customized to store and access a combination of administrative and technical data, digital photographs and scanned documents. The inventory had two primary goals: create and maintain a list of the buildings with their basic administrative and 'real estate' characteristics; and make an inventory of building assets for benefit of the maintenance department.

Space Management

The building inventory project generated an alphanumeric, broad overview of the Flemish government's real estate holdings. A space management project was started to expand the data on a selection of these buildings by adding floor plans and occupancy information. The goal of this project was to measure and optimise space use in the largest office buildings.

Facilities Helpdesk (Service Desk)

Based on the data model and the procedures of the Building Operations application, the Web-based Service Desk and On Demand Work applications were added to streamline the complex workflow of a multi-site environment while making it accessible to everyone on the Intranet. The Facilities Helpdesk was upgraded with the ARCHIBUS Web Central-based Service Desk application in 2011.

Room Reservation

The Room Reservation system was implemented in 2006. Like the Helpdesk application, this system is a Web-based service for the entire organization and is based on data centralised in ARCHIBUS. Increasingly, so-called 'Front Office' applications are being implemented to maximize the added value of the powerful 'Back Office' tool that ARCHIBUS was, until now.

Integration with Other Systems

ARCHIBUS is one of several key information systems within the Flemish government. Each of these systems serves a specific purpose, but many of them share common data or can benefit from the specialized information contained in the other systems.

The integration with other core systems includes:

  • PeopleSoft integration: For exchanging Human Resources data between PeopleSoft and ARCHIBUS
  • GIS Flanders Integration: The GIS Flanders system contains a wealth of geographically referenced data that includes all streets and land parcels in Flanders, aerial photographs, information on the environment and more. Information about the buildings of the Flemish government will be made available in GIS Flanders and links to GIS information will be added to ARCHIBUS.