Vital Statistics
Empresas Públicas de Medellín E.S.P.
Medellin, Colombia
Facilities Facts:
Headquarters building comprises 1,000,000 sq. ft.; 250 smaller properties. Total assets valued in excess of $5.5 billion.
ARCHIBUS Applications:
Web Central®
Reasons for Implementing:
Adopt facilities management best practices that included automation with dedicated real estate/facilities management software
Benefits Gained:
Reduced by-property report generation time from one week to one day for space usage, employee plans, space chargeback, property abstracts and runoff areas. Better decision support for all aspects of company’s space and asset management.
Business Partner:
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The #1 Solution in the World for
Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management

Empresas Públicas de Medellín E.S.P. Powers Up with ARCHIBUS

Anywhere in Latin America, the name of Empresas Públicas de Medellín, Colombia, is recognized as the source for public services. Over the past forty years, it has constantly endeavored to improve the lives of the inhabitants of Medellín (whose population has increased five-fold during that time), as well as the entire Aburrá Valley. Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EEPPM) provides the best quality water service in Colombia, as well as hydroelectric power, natural gas distribution, wastewater treatment, and telecommunications services. In January of 1999, EEPPM decided to implement several ARCHIBUS modules to enable management of a vast and rapidly-growing network of properties, starting with the newly-built, very large headquarters building that comprises one million square feet; phase two of this ambitious project will include the automation of 250 smaller properties.

Raising the Standard

EEPPM's implementation started on the ground floor. Javier E. Ceballos, Director of Corporate Building Administration, EEPPM, and Diego Manjarres, ARCHIBUS Consultant with MicroCAD, EEPPM's ARCHIBUS Business Partner, together determined that the primary tasks before them would be to first, migrate the data of 250 properties from a UNIX system to ARCHIBUS, and, second, to implement the Space and Furniture & Equipment modules for the one million SF headquarters building.

The practices commonly used by Facilities Management professionals around the world were not yet a part of the EEPPM Facilities team's daily agenda, so it was necessary to accomplish signficant preparatory work. Particularly, it was crucial to the new system's success to develop a set of standards. Because EEPPM had never before used standards, standards were defined and developed. They established the standards while maintaining an eye to the future, enabling them to build a foundation for a CAFM system that would be flexible and expandable to accommodate EEPPM's future strategic planning.

In addition to the development of standards, migrating the data from the legacy system to the new system required analysis and normalization of the data to ensure it uploaded into the system correctly. All drawings had to be created in AutoCAD, an inventory had to be built, and bar codes assigned.

A Strong CAFM Foundation

Because of the desire to construct a strong CAFM foundation for this organization with assets in excess of US$5.5 billion, Ceballos and Manjarres methodically went about the business of building an enviable Facilities Management Enterprise Solution.

The decision to implement a facilities system was a response to the corporate decision to construct the new headquarters. EEPPM's management team decided that if it was going to build a large, new facility, a tool would be needed to manage it.

More Than Expected

An inside view of the new headquarters building In less than one year, the EEPPM Facilities Department has obtained much more than it expected. Facilities personnel tell us they expected "basic benefits" and the ability to "manage resources efficiently and reduce the total cost of ownership" (TCO) of the facilities. But, they have accurate data, quick access to facilities information, one integrated data repository for the entire organization, and the ability to share the information with other areas of the company via FM Web Central.

They are now able to produce reports like space usage, employee plans, space chargeback, property abstracts and runoff areas by property in one day rather than one week. EEPPM can now use this data for decision support to manage space use, space chargeback, furniture location and ownership and employee location. MicroCAD has also modified the Real Property & Lease Management module to track every legal document related to property purchase and ownership.

More importantly, EEPPM's Facilities Department has joined the ranks of the world's modern, automated facilities departments. Facilities personnel are managing their facilities according to a standardized plan-in ways that industry researchers have determined to be best. As Ceballo says, "With ARCHIBUS we adopted the best practices included with the software and developed the benchmarks we need to measure our facilities' performance."

EEPPM's Facilities Department is now part of a growing group of professionals that is on the track toward ISO 9000 certification. They are professionals who add value and contribute to the Bottom Line.