Vital Statistics
Carrefour Group
Facilities Facts:
Corporate HQ Brussels, Belgium, has 16,384 square meters of space, 1262 employees
ARCHIBUS Applications:
Enterprise Move Management, Space Management
Reasons for Implementing:
Replace inefficient manual/spreadsheet- based space planning to provide real-time views of space use and costs; eliminate manual move management process; automate tracking of people and telecom assets.
Benefits Gained:
Integrated, automated, an easy-to-use system for key move, space, and asset planning/reporting with real-time views of information.
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Carrefour: Conquering Inner Space and Frequent Moves

Over the past 40 years, the Carrefour Group has grown to become one of the world’s leading distribution groups. The world’s second-largest retailer and the largest in Europe, Carrefour currently operates four main store formats: hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard discount and convenience stores. The Carrefour Group currently has over 12,500 stores, either company-operated or franchised.

A dynamic organization, Carrefour faced a challenge when it decided to renovate its headquarters building and reconfigure space and people, a task that had been done manually using spreadsheets. The result was that the Carrefour facilities management department understandably suffered from low productivity, as well as an inability to estimate the true value of telecom and other assets.

A team of consultants from PROCOS Group was given responsibility for the master planning, space planning and move coordination. The goal for PROCOS: introduce system and process standardization to automate and manage Carrefour’s operations.

PROCOS chose ARCHIBUS Space Management as the most appropriate tool to support the project team’s space planning assignment. To support the personnel moves that accompanied the renovation, Carrefour implemented Move Management, which also helped improve oversight of the company’s traditionally high churn rate. Telecommunications & Cable Management was added after that.

The integrated ARCHIBUS applications now provide more cost-efficient space allocation with real-time views that comply with ratios imposed by Belgian labor legislation.

In addition, Carrefour has succeeded in being able to generate accurate reports on occupancy plans, automate moves and traces of people and equipment, perform departmental highlighting and floor analyses, and more.