Vital Statistics
Federal Public Service Economy
Brussels, Belgium
Facilities Facts:
26 buildings; 147,000 square meters of office space; 2,800 employees
ARCHIBUS Applications:
Real Property & Lease Management
Reasons for Implementing:
Need for greater responsiveness to work order and preventive maintenance, improved service quality, greater cost-efficiency in management of government facilities
Benefits Gained:
Streamlined, automated work order management and preventive maintenance, higher customer satisfaction levels
Business Partner:
Web Site:
The #1 Solution in the World for
Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management

Belgian Federal Agency, FPS Economy, Improves Business Processes with ARCHIBUS

As a department of Belgium’s Federal Administration, the Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy agency is the link between the country’s European/Federal level and the country’s regional governments. FPS Economy has as its mission the promotion of "economic union" in Belgium and strives for harmonization in that nation’s economic regulation. With the promotion of economic union and coordination as its goal, FPS Economy provides guidance to the Flemish, Walloon, and Brussels Capital Regions in Belgium, which are responsible for the execution of that country’s economic policy at the regional level.

Better Markets...and Building Management

On the federal level, the principal areas of responsibility of FPS Economy are the support of:

  • Competition between enterprises
  • Regulation of the market
  • Supervision of markets
  • Production of economy-related statistics and energy

FPS Economy also has, as a responsibility to the country’s taxpayers, the efficient management of government buildings housing the workers who plan and carry out FPS policies.

To accomplish that facilities management goal, FPS Economy issued a tender and contracted with information technology consultant PROCOS Group for the implementation of a large number of ARCHIBUS applications to manage its real estate and facilities management needs in order to achieve optimal operational efficiency and economy.

With the help of PROCOS Group experts, the agency implemented: ARCHIBUS Space Management, Building Operations Management, Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD & Revit, Real Property & Lease Management, Furniture & Equipment Management, Service Desk, On Demand Work, Preventive Maintenance, and Web Central.

Based on project specifications by the client, the PROCOS Group team implemented the appropriate management processes using ARCHIBUS. PROCOS Group also personalized the software, trained the staff members, and provided technical support once the system was launched.

New Processes, Greater Productivity

By using ARCHIBUS, FPS Economy’s facilities department currently manages 26 buildings (with a total floor space of approximately 147.000 m2) more cost-effectively than ever before. Seven of those buildings are now extensively detailed in the Space Management application.

For the corrective maintenance needs, the PROCOS Group team also implemented the Service Desk and On Demand Work applications. The detailed business processes mapped out in these applications also include Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A few examples of the new and improved processes include:

• Procurement Process Streamlining: ARCHIBUS Service Desk manages the creation and authorization of purchase requests and produces all the necessary documents.

• Worker Self-Service Capabilities: The complete catalogue of services offered by the Facility Department is available using the Service Desk application. Employees can take advantage of making their own online requests for catering, document copying services, transport, moves, travel arrangements, etc.

• Quality of Service Assurance: The system supports automated follow-up of the service requests related to the buildings and technical installations.

FPS Economy also uses ARCHIBUS for preventive maintenance at their buildings. The Preventive Maintenance application manages maintenance contracts with external contractors and assures the efficient execution of preventive maintenance procedures.

The information in Preventive Maintenance is also integrated with the Service Desk application. This guarantees notification about completed tasks when needed and helps ensure timely execution of all planned preventive actions.