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Commerzbank: Banking on Success with ARCHIBUS
Prepared by MASS Systems

Commerzbank’s London Offices In the fast moving world of international banking, the effective management of organizational space and assets is an essential element of the facilities support role. At the London branch of Commerzbank, leading FM technology is proving to be a valuable management tool that also assists with strategic decision-making. With consolidated total assets of almost £400 billion, Commerzbank, founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1870, is one of Europe's leading private-sector banks, dealing with Retail Banking and Asset Management as well as Corporate and Investment Banking. The Group, which comprises numerous branches in Germany and around the globe, employs nearly 37,000 people and serves some 6 million customers worldwide. The London branch of Commerzbank handles securities and corporate banking and occupies over 220,000 square feet of space in three city centre buildings. Hassan Movahhednia is Project Manager for the London offices and is responsible for managing the moves and changes in addition to all construction and design work. He advises senior management on building strategy, including future space requirements for expansion or reduction, and how to maximize the efficient use of space.

To help with his management of space and assets, Hassan uses ARCHIBUS from MASS Systems. Prior to joining Commerzbank, Hassan had used the same system at two different companies, and recommended its use for asset management at the Bank.

Maximizing Use of Space
Space management is a high priority for Hassan and his team. Last year more than 2,500 people moved location. Hassan uses ARCHIBUS in conjunction with AutoCAD to manage these moves and changes and produces a monthly report on space allocation and occupancy. He explains: “We draw up occupancy plans, perform space planning exercises and calculate space utilization. We also carry out space chargebacks: this focuses people’s minds on how much space they really need and has resulted in some significant savings. The system certainly enables us to maximize the efficient use of space. With ARCHIBUS, I know I can get essential information immediately and this enables us to make the most effective decisions for the business.”

Keeping Track of Assets
Effective asset management is also very important at Commerzbank. Hassan continues: “We are constantly monitoring the movement of assets as part of our audit requirements. We track the location of both general fixed assets and financial fixed assets, the condition of which is monitored for depreciation purposes. These include IT equipment, photocopiers and furniture such as desks, chairs and cabinets.

“We use Psion hand held data loggers to gather the information and then download it into ARCHIBUS where it is compared with the master inventory before automatically updating the asset register. Every day we get a report back that shows which items have moved and where they have moved.” Outlining the benefits, Hassan comments: “At any time we know the exact location of any piece of equipment and who is using it. This is particularly important with expensive movable items such as laptops.

“With ARCHIBUS, we can control their whereabouts and monitor their depreciation value. We can also readily monitor furniture stock levels so we can see at a glance what is available from stock for a certain project and use that rather than buy new furniture unnecessarily.”

Extending the Use of the System
The same system is also used for the booking of meeting rooms in the Bank’s Gracechurch Street office where staff can easily book rooms along with associated catering and conference equipment.

“This service has been working so well that we envisage extending it to the other buildings too,” says Hassan. “For the future, we plan to Web-enable the room booking facility which will allow users throughout the organization to view and book rooms via their own Web browsers. We also aim to add the Helpdesk module to automate the management of planned and reactive maintenance.”

Vital Statistics

Facilities Facts:
More than 220,000 square feet of space, all managed by ARCHIBUS

ARCHIBUS Applications:
Space Management
Overlay for AutoCAD® with Design Management

Impetus for Implementation:
Needed to manage moves and changes while optimizing space usage; needed to comply with audit requirements that track the location of assets
Benefits Gained:
Significant saving realized through space chargebacks; efficient employee moves; streamlined room reservations
Future Plans:
Extending room booking feature; adding Helpdesk module (from MASS Systems)
Business Partners:
MASS Information Systems Ltd.
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