Vital Statistics
Brussels, Belgium with offices throughout Belgium
Facilities Facts:
40 administrative buildings and 850 branch offices totaling 800,000 square meters; 15,000 employees
ARCHIBUS Applications:
Real Property & Lease Management, Space Management, Enterprise Move Management, Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD and Revit, Furniture & Equipment Management, Telecommunications & Cable Management
Reasons for Implementing:
Consolidate over 80 facilities management applications down to three
Benefits Gained:
Centralized data and better data quality, lower applications maintenance costs, greater productivity through optimized online reservation system
Business Partner:
Web Site:
The #1 Solution in the World for
Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management

Belgium’s KBC Bank: Consolidating 80+ Facilities Management Applications Into 3 with ARCHIBUS

KBC is Belgium's fourth largest bank and insurer. But at one time it may have been Number One in the quantity of applications it used for its facilities management.

The bank had more than 80 decentralized and often isolated applications in use to manage its 8,000,000 square feet of space throughout Belgium. Realizing that this patchwork of FM software may have been too much of a not-so-good thing, KBC and its CAFM team, moved to consolidate its fragmented information resources for the sake of greater economy and efficiency.

With the goal of lowering maintenance costs, providing more accurate data integrated with ERP systems, and optimizing facilities management processes and reporting, KBC knew where to turn to rationalize the bank's facilities management function.

On-the-Mark Solution from Off-the-Shelf Applications

After extensive analysis of corporate needs and technical requirements, KBC began the months-long consolidation effort. That effort employed one guiding principle: use market-leading, off-the-shelf applications to ensure reliability as well as accelerate implementation and integration.

As a result, the main components of its facilities management solution included ARCHIBUS®, AutoCAD®, Oracle®, IIS and Internet Explorer for its Web-enabled applications, Web Overlay from ARCHIBUS Business Partner AOS, Visual Basic, asp, and Femail.

Among the project's first and most time-consuming steps was the conversion of the company's 1,250 existing floor plans into the new AutoCAD standard. It also had to create an additional 500 drawings from scratch on space that had never been documented. Property management base information was then collected and mastered in the bank's SAP® system with additional FM data mastered in ARCHIBUS.

A robust reservation system, based on a client/server Service Desk, was made possible using ARCHIBUS capabilities. That software solution helped automate the reservation process for the company's employees, who booked approximately 8,000 rooms per month for meetings. The system also was configured to manage room-related equipment, catering and meal reservations, parking spaces, flexible work spaces, visitor registrations and more—with unequalled intelligence.

ARCHIBUS Space Management and Move Management applications were later incorporated to improve KBC's understanding of its space inventory, uses, occupancy data, churn rates and chargeback methodologies. Furthermore ARCHIBUS Furniture & Equipment complemented the Space and Move Management applications as an essential addition for managing physical assets.

KBC identified 25 FM processes and separately developed modules to cover them all: key management, catering, cleaning, security, waste management, permits, licenses, technical inventory, and risk management.

Integration with the company's SAP system and databases were the final steps in creating a seamless information processing environment that could translate service requests into purchase orders. In addition, it would provide Service Desk interfaces for automatic uploads of preventive maintenance planning and status documents along with accounting data for those work orders.

ROI: Substantial and More To Come

"The most immediate result of this consolidation of almost 90 applications and management information," says Koen Terweduwe, "was a substantial drop in applications maintenance costs."

Beyond that, KBC is benefiting from an equally substantial improvement in the quality, uniformity, and visibility of data that is now more easily accessible and, therefore, more frequently analyzed. And, of course, the automated reservations system has meant greater efficiency through self-service functions that lower the Service Desk's workload. But most important, the company now has far more insight into how space is used and its effect on its bottom line.

"It's hard to put a value on ARCHIBUS, but it's definitely positive, very positive," says KBC's Terweduwe. "The biggest benefit is greater awareness by managers about space usage and the cost of a location."