Vital Statistics
Weehawken, New Jersey
Facilities Facts:
Five main campuses in four U.S. cities, 16 buildings, 5.2 million square feet of space
ARCHIBUS Applications:
Real Property & Lease Management, Strategic Master Planning, Space Management, Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD and Revit, Furniture & Equipment Management, Telecommunications & Cable Management, Building Operations Management
3rd Party Applications:
ArchiSTACK (an intranet application for Building Stacking charts by Robotech CAD Solutions, Inc.) and Autodesk Architectural DesktopĀ®
Reasons for Implementing:
Five separate databases needing standardization/ consolidation; merger with Paine Webber introduced inconsistent data from different systems that lacked central access; multi-level reporting requirements and need for customization.
Benefits Gained:
Integrated space and financial data following corporate merger; streamlined/upgraded data access and delivery on a global basis; comprehensive reports that have saved millions of dollars in rent
Business Partner:
Robotech CAD Solutions, Inc.
Web Site:
The #1 Solution in the World for
Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management

UBS Meets Challenges of Merger and Global Data Access with ARCHIBUS

As a global leader in wealth management, investment banking and securities, UBS combines financial strength with a global culture that embraces change. This attitude has led the company's Facilities Management department to implement a series of improvements, based on ARCHIBUS.

UBS-Paine Webber Merger Challenges System

In 2000, UBS purchased Paine Webber who had been using ARCHIBUS successfully at several sites. The merger challenged the two companies' CAFM operations with their separate allocation methods that used different timeframes and reporting scenarios. "Allocation is our lifeline and we had to keep them going. Our allocation has to match the floor leases, the building leases and the site. We have to equalize those numbers every month," says Michael Holden, Facilities Manager.

UBS asked its ARCHIBUS Business Partner, Robotech CAD Solutions, Inc., to tailor its system to provide a consistent chargeback process, standardize occupancy tracking, and integrate with LDAP Web directory and telecommunications databases.

With the custom Occupancy procedures ARCHIBUS can, for example, accommodate Primary and Secondary offices per employee and provide counts of Capacity-Occupancy-Vacancy across floors, departments, and Room Standards. The AutoCAD® drawings, the as-built floor plans, and the polyline regions were standardized across UBS Americas locations. A custom Web stacking tool provides visual analysis of allocations and occupancy in real-time using a Web browser. Custom scripts provide data exchange with LDAP Web directory, obtaining HR information from Peoplesoft®, and sending back the employee location information to the corporate Web directory.

"Allocations are now on time, accurate and consistent on a monthly and quarterly basis," Michael Holden says. "They are key to financial reporting for the bank. The key to our success is the ability for ARCHIBUS to be personalized for our requirements. The process was very complex because of the multiple companies, but ARCHIBUS has handled everything we've thrown at it."

Consolidation of Databases in UBS Americas

Initially there were five separate ARCHIBUS databases maintained in five main locations, each supervised by a CAFM operator. The new VPA (Virtual Private Database) capabilities of ARCHIBUS created an opportunity to consolidate them into a single database for coordinated changes and collaboration – and use one set of reports -- while keeping each site manager accountable for his or her buildings.

UBS Global Reporting Capabilities

The successful implementation of ARCHIBUS in UBS Americas initiated a global effort in Switzerland to create a corporate-wide portal for CAFM data using ARCHIBUS to accommodate the global portal specifications including space measurement methods and KPI calculations.

UBS is divided into seven levels of hierarchy, and reports were generated for the seven levels so that everything is flexible. Financial reports are created directly from the database and stacking charts are created. About 28 standard reports are produced, with seven levels of organizational data, and provide roll-up summaries and drawing highlights based on this organizational structure.

Rent Savings in the Millions

UBS controls its vacancies through ARCHIBUS and has saved millions of dollars by making the exact locations of all vacancies in the building known at any given time for quick modifications as well as for strategic planning.

Meanwhile, through its projects and room standards, ARCHIBUS allows first-level planning on all construction projects. This saves UBS substantial time and money on outside resources. "ARCHIBUS provided us the means for quick and accurate planning that results in millions of dollars of savings in rent over the years of operation," says Tim Willis, Senior VP, Corporate Real Estate.

Extending Access with ARCHIBUS Web Central

UBS now plans to deploy ARCHIBUS Web Central to give its users the ability to easily access information. Every person in the bank is on ARCHIBUS with varying levels of security—the entire employee database is on active feed from thousands and thousands of cost centers and technology personnel. "I treat Web Central as the next phase of the project, "says Holden. "I like to have victories along the way."

"Now, where people in the organization were skeptical, we have believers," Holden says. "We build in appreciation with the applications. We create and publish evacuation plans so people know what stairwells to go to. People feel a lot more comfortable. The system in place has the ability to keep growing, thanks to the flexibility of ARCHIBUS."