Vital Statistics
Scripps Networks, a leading developer of cable television programming. Brands include HGTV, Food Network, DiY (Do it Yourself ), Fine Living, and GAC
Headquarters, Knoxville, TN, with sites in New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA
Facilities Facts:
Approximately 1,700 employees, occupying 11 buildings, comprising 504,000 square feet of space across the enterprise
ARCHIBUS Applications:
Real Property & Lease Management, Space Management, Reservations, Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD and Revit, Furniture & Equipment Management, Building Operations Management, Call Center Wizard, Web Central®
Reasons for Implementing:
Room Reservations implemented to replace inefficient, manual, spreadsheet-based conference room booking procedures with an online, self-service solution.
Benefits Gained:
More efficient reservation of conference rooms, fewer booking conflicts
Business Partner:
ARCHIBUS Solution Center - RT
Web Site:
The #1 Solution in the World for
Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management

Scripps Eliminates Manual Conference
Room Scheduling
With ARCHIBUS Solution

When employees at popular cable TV programming powerhouse Scripps Networks "take a meeting," they take a lot of them. Many of them surround discussions of programming and other issues relating to Scripps' HGTV, Food Network, DiY (Do it Yourself ), and FINE LIVING, to name a few of its cable properties. So many meetings were taking place, according to Scripps Director of Corporate Facilities, Orlinda Gray, that it was impossible to estimate how many were actually conducted in the course of a year at the Network's dozens of conference rooms in Knoxville, New York, and Los Angeles.

One fact they did know, however, was that their manual conference room scheduling system created challenges and sometimes resulted in scheduling conflicts, room amenity disconnects, and less productive meeting time overall. Then Scripps adopted the ARCHIBUS Room Reservations application and made self-service scheduling a self-evident benefit.

Meeting of the Minds

Scripps Networks' employee base now approaches 1,700 individuals spread across the country. The nature of the broadcasting business is such that meetings of a business, technical, or creative nature may be even more frequent than in other types of industries. Whatever their frequency, however, a better way to schedule those meetings was imperative.

"We had one receptionist using a spreadsheet to schedule 13 conference rooms in our Knoxville offices," says Orlinda Gray. "We had the same system in place at our other locations and it worked up to a point, but it wasn't an optimal solution. It was laborintensive, the information wasn't easily accessible by meeting participants, and there was still a possibility of double-booking rooms, and requests for certain types of A/V equipment falling through the cracks."

All agreed that a better method of scheduling meeting space was needed. Scripps had purchased a range of ARCHIBUS applications, but after a review of available scheduling solutions from multiple vendors, the company decided to implement a personalized Windows-based ARCHIBUS Room Reservations application. "It just had more to offer," said Gray of the ARCHIBUS reservations solution. "It had more features and capabilities; it was tailored to work in harmony with ARCHIBUS Web Central and Space Management, and simply put, it was more robust."

Implemented Without Reservation

At first the scheduler-receptionist had her doubts about the new system. Her input helped the IT team and Business Partner, ARCHIBUS Solution Center – Research Triangle, come up with the best design, says Gray.

Once the Room Reservations system was installed, Gray commenced a program of training groups of "power users" from the ranks of executive assistants and others who tested the system, provided feedback, and whose comments were used to refine the reservations application.

Today, the Room Reservations system is fully operational and used across the enterprise, notes the Scripps' Director. Now users can sign onto the Scripps' conference room scheduling system over the corporate intranet and reserve a conference room by following a series of menus and prompts. This allows employees to search and book open rooms with the right multimedia or other amenities, and review locations on floor plans. The requestor receives an auto-notification via e-mail once the reservation is confirmed.

"We can't yet quantify savings in time, money, or aggravation," observes Gray, "but we do know that things are a lot better than they used to be."

Stay Tuned For More…

While the Space Management and Room Reservations systems are firmly in place, the rest of Scripps ARCHIBUS applications are being rolled out one or two at a time to prevent technological ambition from introducing unnecessary organizational complications.

After implementation of ARCHIBUS Building Operations, plans call for phasing in ARCHIBUS Move Management over the corporate intranet. In addition, the Telecommunications & Cable Management and Real Property & Lease Management applications will be rolled out to designated users. Nevertheless, Space Management remains the facilities department's main engine.

Says Gray, "We've got pretty much all we need to get us further into the 21st Century."