ARCHIBUS Nexus 2018

InterContinental New Orleans, LA, USA, April 28 – May 1

Call for Presentations
ARCHIBUS Nexus 2019

When you submit your presentation proposal and are accepted, you will add still more value to this highly anticipated event. Offer practical, proven strategies for optimizing ARCHIBUS. Share your knowledge, expertise, and professional experience in a forum like no other.

A projector, screen, microphone, laptop, and Internet access will be provided in the presentation room. If you have any AV requirements beyond the equipment listed, please contact us with details.


Your Agreement:

  * I have management's approval to present at Nexus 2019 in New Orleans, LA and marketing’s approval to participate in the Case Study Program and Client Interview.
  * Yes! I give ARCHIBUS permission to include my Nexus 2019 PowerPoint presentation in the online Proceedings, and use for other informational/educational purposes.
Your ARCHIBUS Experience:
* 1. How long have you been using ARCHIBUS at your organization?
 < 1 year        1-3 years        3-6 years        6-9 years        > 9 years

* 2. Which version of ARCHIBUS are you currently using?
 V.20        V.21        V.22        V.23

* 3. On which ARCHIBUS application(s) will your presentation focus?

* 4. Who is your ARCHIBUS Business Partner/Reseller (Organization name):

     Business & IT Alignment

     Strategy & Workplace

     Digital Workplace

Presentation Information:

*Title of Proposed Session:

*Please submit a 150-200 word Presentation Abstract which fully describes the challenges you faced,
   lessons learned, and business value you have achieved — that you will share with delegates:

 Concurrent Case Study       Panel Discussion       Center of Excellence       Experts Meeting Corner     

      Executive/Strategic — Using ARCHIBUS to achieve long-term or overall financial aims and interests of your organization.

      Tactical — Leveraging ARCHIBUS as a solution for a specific goal such as energy reduction, OSHA compliance, etc.

Primary Presenter Information

*Presenter Biography (provide a resume/summary of your experience):

Co-Presenter Information
(Maximum of 2 presenters. Co-presenter information must also be included to qualify.)
First Name:
Last Name:
Postal Code:

Co-Presenter Biography (provide a resume/summary of experience):
Please Read and Agree with Terms and Conditions:
   * I understand that, if I am accepted to speak at this conference, I will be responsible for all travel and hotel expenses. Further, I (and one other presenter from my organization) will receive a discount off the Full Conference Registration fee. I also have read and agreed to the Speaker Policy.
  I will participate in the ARCHIBUS Case Study Program

  I will participate in an on-site Client Interview

  My users' group/task force/committee would like to hold a meeting at the conference. (If "yes" then...)
    Name of user group:

This year's committee will evaluate all presentations and make selections based on topic, content, and time available. All authors will be notified, accordingly. A detailed program will be available on-line prior to the event. A projector, screen, microphone, laptop, and Internet access will be provided in the presentation room.

Note: If you have any questions or would like to suggest a colleague or client to present, please email or call Cynthia Zawadski at +1.617.227.2508


Please submit form or print and fax to +1.617.227.2509