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Vol. 26, No. 8
December Asset Newsletter: Nexus updates, holiday wishes and more!
Vol. 26, No. 7
New ARCHIBUS V.23.2 Expands Compliance, Moves from Operations to Strategy
Vol. 26, No. 6
Be a Thought Leader at Nexus! We’re Accepting Speaker Applications NOW
Vol. 26, No. 5
ARCHIBUS supports Higher Education by empowering people
Vol. 26, No. 4
ARCHIBUS Community - Enabling Innovation and Change
Vol. 26, No. 3
The Conference that Connects the Dots.
Vol. 26, No. 2
World’s ninth longest road tunnel relies on ARCHIBUS
Vol. 26, No. 1
Maximize Efficiency with ARCHIBUS PM
Vol. 25, No. 9
IoT for Space Utilization, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017 Registration Open, and More
Vol. 25, No. 8
New Enterprise Asset Mgmt. App, Nexus Featured Speakers, and More
Vol. 25, No. 7
Download Strategic Space Planning White Paper, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017 and More
Vol. 25, No. 6
New Strategic Financial Analysis App, Nexus 2017 Call for Presentation & More
Vol. 25, No. 5
Spotlight on New ARCHIBUS Web Central 3D Navigator, Nexus 2017 Call for Presentations and More
Vol. 25, No. 4
New ARCHIBUS V.23, Nexus 2017 And More
Vol. 25, No. 3
Thanks to Our Nexus 2016 Presenters and Attendees.
Vol. 25, No. 2
ARCHIBUS Strategic Space Planning:
Plan short-, medium-, and long-term “what-if” scenarios for organizations of all sizes
Vol. 25, No. 1
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Improves Asset Management with ARCHIBUS
Vol. 24, No. 6
On Deck at ARCHIBUS Nexus 2016, San Diego: Seasoned Industry-Expert Speakers
Vol. 24, No. 5
Navigate the Future in Real Estate, Infrastructure & Facilities Management: Chart your Course to ARCHIBUS Nexus 2016
Vol. 24, No. 4
ARCHIBUS V.22 Brings “Intelligent Advancements” to Enterprise Asset Management, Strategic Space Planning, Environmental, and Other Capabilities
Vol. 24, No. 3
Thanks to Our Nexus 2015 Presenters and Attendees
Vol. 24, No. 2
ARCHIBUS Nexus Preview III: Technical Sessions, Expert Instruction, Exceptional Results
Vol. 24, No. 1
ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015 Keynote Speakers Launch 20th Annual Event
Vol. 23, No. 9
Registration Open!  ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015: How They Did It. How You Can Too.
Vol. 23, No. 8
Your Work Simplified...More About Mobile in ARCHIBUS V.21.3
Vol. 23, No. 7
Announcing ARCHIBUS V.21.3: Simplicity through Intelligence.
Vol. 23, No. 6
The Nebraska Medical Center Success Story, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015, and more.
Vol. 23, No. 5
Sellafield's Keynote Video, Technology Award, CIO Review, and more.
Vol. 23, No. 4
ARCHIBUS Nexus 2014 Convenes Real Estate and Facilities Management Innovators from around the World
Vol. 23, No. 3
ARCHIBUS Nexus Speakers and Panelists Complement Expanded University Technical Sessions
Vol. 23, No. 2
Nexus 2014 University – Hot Topics Labs. Intensive. Interactive. Invaluable.
Vol. 23, No. 1
New Performance Metrics Framework, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2014, and More.

Holiday and New Year Wishes from ARCHIBUS

This holiday season, we would like to take a moment to extend our appreciation to the ARCHIBUS Community.

Amongst ARCHIBUS business partners, clients and staff, the common thread is people who believe in what they do. Our community is brimming with talented individuals who feel compelled to find solutions for problems, and to invent new solutions where none yet exist.

This sense of overarching purpose has been a key driver in fostering the collaborative spirit that the ARCHIBUS Community has spread around the globe. That spirit has made our partnerships not only successful, but also close-knit.

Going forward, 2018 will be a year of continued innovation and new developments, but beneath that will be the same strength of community that is a signature of ARCHIBUS.

Thank you to everyone for your energy, ideas, and collaboration.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,


MIT and Boston Consulting Group Among Inspiring Presenters at ARCHIBUS Nexus 2018

The world’s top conference for real estate, infrastructure and facilities management is back in Boston the Spring of 2018 from April 8-11. The main stage at ARCHIBUS Nexus 2018 is a main-draw and a must-see for anyone with a stake in our collective future. The ARCHIBUS stories, experiences, and new ideas shared by presenters have been known to set new standards and continue to reshape this rapidly evolving industry.

This year’s conference boasts an exciting lineup of leading organizations from around the world, both on the main stage and in the concurrent sessions, that will occur throughout the conference’s duration.

Main Stage Presenters

The Boston Consulting Group

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Putrajaya Holdings, Malaysia

Booz Allen


Concurrent Sessions to Choose From

In addition to the above sessions, attendees can choose from over 50 business and technical concurrent sessions, to sit in on eye-opening presentations from institutions who are on the forefront of the industry and technology.

Boston College National Science Foundation
Canadian Fisheries & Oceans NAVSEA U.S. Navy
Erste BCR Bank New York City DCAS
Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services, USDA Red Hat, Inc.
Hamilton County OH Southern California Gas Company
Kaiser Permanente The Salvation Army, Southern Territory
The U.S. Internal Revenue Services University of the West of England
Uti Grup Ltd

Keep an eye on the website for info on our technical sessions…

Book your hotel to reserve your room in advance. If you reserve your room before March 14, you can qualify for a special nightly rate at the Boston Marriott Copley Place. GSA-rated room rates available.

With Registration Underway, Here’s a Look at Exciting ARCHIBUS Nexus 2018 Events!

This year’s conference will bring back popular familiar events, as well as debut new activities and collaborations. Expect to find out much more in the coming months, but in the meantime, here is some of what you can expect at Nexus 2018.

Activities and Learning

Product Café

Grab a mug of coffee or tea and ask experts about ARCHIBUS products to find out which options are the right ones to meet your organization’s needs.

Talk to the Techs

Walk right up to ARCHIBUS support staff for any technical questions, or to discuss any problem that you are working through.

Solution Build

Work in a team to simulate an ARCHIBUS implementation, for an engaging and hands-on learning experience.

SME Meeting Point

Talk to subject matter experts to dive into specific technologies and practices.

Pre-Nexus Hot Topics Training

For those who can come early, training will be available on the weekend of April 6 & 7. Level up your skills with hands-on training, guided by experienced ARCHIBUS trainers.

That’s just a glimpse of some of the exciting things at Nexus 2018, but expect to learn more in the coming months. Register now, before you miss out on this year’s specials and deals.

See How Progressive Insurance Adapted Their Implementation to Succeed

Reaping the full benefits of ARCHIBUS begins with a successful implementation, and no case demonstrates this more than two projects led by Progressive. Discover the difference that makes for a successful implementation by learning from Progressive’s tale of two projects.

The Real Estate team of Progressive Casualty Insurance decided that they needed a more robust system for collecting and leveraging real estate data towards organizational goals, and decided to go with ARCHIBUS. The first time around did not produce the desired results, leaving most of the system’s potential unrealized.

The resilient Progressive team stuck with the project, however, rebounding with a second attempt that heeded the critical lessons learned from the initial implementation. The results exceeded all expectations, producing near universal acclaim throughout the company and calls for further implementations.

Find out what they did differently the second time around!

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Vol. 26 No. 8