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New ARCHIBUS V.23.2 Expands Compliance, Moves from Operations to Strategy
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Be a Thought Leader at Nexus! We’re Accepting Speaker Applications NOW
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ARCHIBUS supports Higher Education by empowering people
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ARCHIBUS Community - Enabling Innovation and Change
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The Conference that Connects the Dots.
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World’s ninth longest road tunnel relies on ARCHIBUS
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IoT for Space Utilization, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017 Registration Open, and More
Vol. 25, No. 8
New Enterprise Asset Mgmt. App, Nexus Featured Speakers, and More
Vol. 25, No. 7
Download Strategic Space Planning White Paper, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017 and More
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New Strategic Financial Analysis App, Nexus 2017 Call for Presentation & More
Vol. 25, No. 5
Spotlight on New ARCHIBUS Web Central 3D Navigator, Nexus 2017 Call for Presentations and More
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New ARCHIBUS V.23, Nexus 2017 And More
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Thanks to Our Nexus 2016 Presenters and Attendees.
Vol. 25, No. 2
ARCHIBUS Strategic Space Planning:
Plan short-, medium-, and long-term “what-if” scenarios for organizations of all sizes
Vol. 25, No. 1
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Improves Asset Management with ARCHIBUS
Vol. 24, No. 6
On Deck at ARCHIBUS Nexus 2016, San Diego: Seasoned Industry-Expert Speakers
Vol. 24, No. 5
Navigate the Future in Real Estate, Infrastructure & Facilities Management: Chart your Course to ARCHIBUS Nexus 2016
Vol. 24, No. 4
ARCHIBUS V.22 Brings “Intelligent Advancements” to Enterprise Asset Management, Strategic Space Planning, Environmental, and Other Capabilities
Vol. 24, No. 3
Thanks to Our Nexus 2015 Presenters and Attendees
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ARCHIBUS Nexus Preview III: Technical Sessions, Expert Instruction, Exceptional Results
Vol. 24, No. 1
ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015 Keynote Speakers Launch 20th Annual Event
Vol. 23, No. 9
Registration Open!  ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015: How They Did It. How You Can Too.
Vol. 23, No. 8
Your Work Simplified...More About Mobile in ARCHIBUS V.21.3
Vol. 23, No. 7
Announcing ARCHIBUS V.21.3: Simplicity through Intelligence.
Vol. 23, No. 6
The Nebraska Medical Center Success Story, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015, and more.
Vol. 23, No. 5
Sellafield's Keynote Video, Technology Award, CIO Review, and more.
Vol. 23, No. 4
ARCHIBUS Nexus 2014 Convenes Real Estate and Facilities Management Innovators from around the World
Vol. 23, No. 3
ARCHIBUS Nexus Speakers and Panelists Complement Expanded University Technical Sessions
Vol. 23, No. 2
Nexus 2014 University – Hot Topics Labs. Intensive. Interactive. Invaluable.
Vol. 23, No. 1
New Performance Metrics Framework, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2014, and More.

Exceed Your Goals with ARCHIBUS Project Management

Planning a project is one thing, but implementing it can be entirely different. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to miss when any single piece falls behind or veers over budget. Tracking workflow accurately and in real-time can even seem impossible when your project is scattered across different teams and spreadsheets, all progressing independently.

ARCHIBUS Project Management gives you a top-down view over your entire project as it unfolds, automating and organizing all of your key data into a centralized, smart, and easy-to-use system.

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An Invaluable Management Tool

Track all of your activities, costs, payments, and goals in a system that is accurate, comprehensive, accessible to all team members, and always up-to-date. ARCHIBUS Project Management lets you:

  • Synchronize data across sites, teams, departments, and organizations in one centralized system.
  • Coordinate tasks by timeframe, location, and team in a clear and consolidated workflow.
  • Keep everyone on track with automated change orders and push notifications.
  • Set benchmarks, assess progress, and measure success with simplified score cards.

Key Benefits of ARCHIBUS Project Management

Using ARCHIBUS Project Management to coordinate all of your data offers benefits that are nothing short of transformational when it comes to getting things done.

  • Reduce Costs
    Don’t just manage your budget, reduce it. With your total spending broken down task by task, complete with updated estimates, you can identify cost overruns and savings opportunities at a glance.

  • Optimize Through Collaboration
    By allowing multiple team members to input and track data into the same system, you can give your project the invaluable resource of accurate collective knowledge.

  • Modify with Flexibility
    ARCHIBUS Project Management empowers you to make confident and well-informed adjustments as you go. Always have updated and accurate data at your fingertips, alongside easy-to-follow reports, timelines, and notifications.

  • Increase Accountability
    Clearly outline task methodologies across teams and measure results. Accurately assess the effectiveness of different strategies and adopt best practices.

Use ARCHIBUS Project Management and Capital Planning Together

ARCHIBUS Project Management is a powerful tool for managing your project on its own, but you can set yourself up for success from the start by using it with ARCHIBUS Capital Budgeting.

Capital Budgeting brings the same great centralization and automation to the planning stages of capital projects, streamlining budgeting and approval. Capital Budgeting works seamlessly with ARCHIBUS Project Management, so you can roll over the same tasks, costs, milestones, and program data.

Combine both to maximize efficiency and always have an interface that’s specialized for whatever phase of the project you are in.

You can read about Capital Budgeting in Vol. 26, No. 5 of The ARCHIBUS Asset here.

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Murray Hunt Helps Calgary Board of Education Achieve Optimal Results with ARCHIBUS

When the provincial government of Alberta, Canada, greenlit the city of Calgary to receive $469M to build 28 new schools, the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) found itself in a unique bind. Building 28 schools at once could be a disaster, if not properly coordinated with limited timing. With a population that had doubled in thirty years, the need for new schools was desperate, but the magnitude of the project was simply too great.

To overcome this challenge, CBE Manager of Integrated Workplace Management Systems, Murray Hunt, consolidated management for the entire project on ARCHIBUS. The resulting effort exceeded all expectations. The city of Calgary used ARCHIBUS to coordinate and implement construction with efficiency and accountability across dozens of teams and sites. The CBE successfully built and modernized all 28 schools, creating room for 17,000 new students on time for the opening bell in September -- their hard deadline.

Today, we’re highlighting Murray’s amazing leadership with an exclusive interview. To get the full story, watch Murray’s presentation at ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017.

Murray Hunt ARCHIBUS Interview

What is your role at the Calgary Board of Education and how long have you been there?

I manage the Integrated Workplace Management System’s (IWMS) strategic plan for the Calgary Board of Education (CBE). This includes periodic evaluation of the current vs. desired state of all the facilities functions provided by the Facilities and Environmental Services unit of the CBE. We recently completed the data gathering that will inform the next five years of the CBE’s strategic plan.

My department also provides the business analysis, implementation assistance, training and documentation for all of the ARCHIBUS modules that we roll out to the CBE... I also act as a member of the CBE’s Technology Council which provides recommendations to senior leadership on technology initiatives. As the owner of an enterprise software system I also sit on the Enterprise Information Systems Governance committee. I have been with the CBE for seven years.

How long have CBE had ARCHIBUS and what problems is it solving for you?

We have had ARCHIBUS at the CBE since 2004, so 13 years. ARCHIBUS is the primary tool that we use for managing our maintenance activities – on demand, preventive and strategic (lifecycle capital asset replacements and renewal) maintenance. In addition, ARCHIBUS serves as the system of record for all our space information, which includes facilities assets (furniture, building and educational equipment), hazardous materials (asbestos, lead, etc.) as well as space utilization reporting to Government.

When did you get involved in the AUG leadership and what have your meetings been covering?

I have been a member of an ARCHIBUS user’s group for the last 6 years, and assumed the leadership of that group 3 years ago. Our meetings typically cover upcoming functionality from ARCHIBUS, presentations by AUG members or business partners on work they have been doing, strategic discussions (Lean management techniques, mobile computing, and implementation strategies) and open discussions by AUG members.

What kind of feedback do you get from AUG members?

I have conducted a couple of Survey Monkey surveys and the feedback has been positive. I check into effectiveness of presenters, value of topics and suggestions for frequency of meetings and future topics.

You were one of the main stage presenters at Nexus 2017. How was that experience? What lessons did you want people to take away from your presentation?

I enjoy speaking on main stage. When I’m on main stage I want to bring a story to the conference delegates around ARCHIBUS implementation successes and what those can mean to our users – the Students. Then I try and link those successes to something the conference delegates can take back to their respective organizations and use to further the value they bring to their users or customers.

What’s your next ARCHIBUS project?

My next simple ARCHIBUS module implementation will be waste management. I have a number of on-going projects as well; a major one being a facility operations work loading console based on tasks and space categorization and room areas that our facility operations group is designing. 

Be a Thought Leader at Nexus! We’re Accepting Speaker Applications NOW

Don't miss this chance to promote your organization and career at the industry’s biggest event.

The annual ARCHIBUS Nexus users' conference convenes again in 2018, from April 8 – 11, in Boston, MA. Send in your application today for a chance to present at Nexus 2018, and share your amazing story of how you overcame business challenges by using ARCHIBUS. We are accepting all presenter applications right up until our October 12th deadline.

Boston, MA

Take full advantage of this amazing opportunity to:

  • Present your knowledge and experience with ARCHIBUS
  • Bring exposure to your organization’s success story at the industry’s biggest event
  • Become a thought leader in shaping the future of the industry

Presenters also qualify for a significantly reduced registration rate and are eligible for ARCHIBUS Awards of Excellence.

What kinds of presentations qualify for NEXUS?

Nexus speakers span private, governmental, and educational organizations around the globe, presenting innovative new ways of tackling challenges in the management of facilities, real estate and space, as well as how to build a more sustainable future.

Our 2017 event highlighted topics ranging from high-level smart city initiatives to exploring new ways of connecting campus communities through open and centralized ARCHIBUS systems. Don’t miss the chance to make your presentation one of the highlights of 2018.

No matter what stage your deployment is in, whether you have been using ARCHIBUS for a year or a decade, we want to hear your unique experience and insight on which new directions the industry can take as a whole.

Don’t miss our October 12th deadline! Submit your application today!

Take the Next Step with ARCHIBUS Users’ Groups

Become more connected to the ARCHIBUS community by joining your local ARCHIBUS Users’ Group (AUG) and sharing insights and product information with your colleagues.

AUGs are ARCHIBUS community forums established by users around the world to meet, share successes/challenges, and learn from each other’s expertise. AUG meetings provide outstanding opportunities for both networking and learning. You’ll meet amazing people, become better at what you do, and benefit from a more active relationship with ARCHIBUS.

There is always room for inquiring minds. Sign up to an AUG today, or check out the Events page on the website to see what’s happening now.

ARCHIBUS Training: Live, Online, Indispensable

Live, Online Training Began in August

ARCHIBUS, Inc. is proud to announce that we are now offering virtual classrooms. Our virtual classrooms are part of a broader “online learning” initiative. The goal is to make our instructors and standard training curriculum accessible to those who may not be able to attend traditional classroom courses.

Training courses are a great way, to:

  • Learn new ways of getting the most value out of your company’s infrastructure, real estate, and facilities.
  • Be informed about the latest tools in the industry.
  • Fine-tune how you use data to set benchmarks, inform strategy, and measure results.

The Virtual Classrooms allow you to follow an in-person classroom via live video feed and even participate from your computer. The online virtual training environment includes live interaction with the instructor.

Review all courses and register here.

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