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The ARCHIBUS Foundation – Supporting Education at the Superior Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP)

Earlier in 2017 The ARCHIBUS Foundation was established to represent the ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System and Community around the world. In Europe, Middle East and Africa, the Foundation is allowing us to explore ways of promoting our Eco-System and helping organizations and individuals realize their professional advancement, enabled through ARCHIBUS technology.

One of the primary goals of this Foundation is to promote a sustainable built environment for people now, and in the future. Key players in making this a reality are the budding professionals and students who will progress to work in our industry. We believe that access to technology such as ARCHIBUS should be a prime component of their learning. ARCHIBUS has created a program to make this a reality, the ARCHIBUS Educational Grant.

The program has been in existence for some time and has produced notable successes. Our objective now is to broaden the scope of this educational grant opportunity. As a result, applications of the grants are both innovative and highly effective.

The grant to Superior Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP) is one example of this. ARCHIBUS has been used as part of the academic program to solve a real world problem of water quality, in the Amarante municipality in Portugal. The ISEP Project was presented at the recent ARCHIBUS Nexus conference in Maryland.

Asset Pic 1
Photo by António Amen / CC BY-SA 3.0

To find out more about this innovative application of our technology through the Educational Grant Program visit our blog:

The ARCHIBUS Foundation is an exciting prospect for those involved in Education and qualify for the program. This includes ARCHIBUS Business Partners, Users and other candidates in Education in all regions around the globe who are actively involved in the advancement of education and stewardship of the built environment for real estate, infrastructure and facilities. To learn more you can connect with us via our web site or follow us through social media through the following links:





University of Worcester UK Empowers Students and Craftspeople with ARCHIBUS

The University of Worcester is one of the fastest growing universities in the United Kingdom with a rapidly expanding research program and award-winning research library, the Hive. In 2009, they decided that they needed to modernize their maintenance systems with an ARCHIBUS-based Help Desk. This application and platform would allow for first hand observations of maintenance and repair issues that were identified throughout the campus during a period of rapid growth. Their progress since this installation has provided a remarkable change in the student responsibility for their built environment. There is now a centralized database for managing the work flow activities with feedback from throughout the campus.

Asset Pic 5

To accomplish this goal, they first integrated their space data and uniformly coded room numbers to inform their work orders with accurate room mapping. Next, the university did the unthinkable, or perhaps the ingenious: they enabled students to generate work requests directly in ARCHIBUS. This revolutionary approach streamlined their workflow, empowered their students, and taught their students to take responsibility for identifying any issues in their campus environment. The university then took a similar approach to implementing mobile working by allowing craftspeople to use the tablets outside of work to smooth the transition. This innovative approach, combined with the mobile and online information that the application provided, helped the craftspeople gain a sense of ownership over their work order management.

Read more about this exciting implementation here.

Product News: Capital Budgeting

From the planning stage through design and implementation, having accurate information on capital projects is key to successfully managing and tracking projects. Accurate information allows the manager to oversee a number of different activities and to manage them according to timing, costs, and expected priorities.

This data also provides additional checkpoints during the implementation of a project, helping to maintain accountability on all levels. It can be particularly useful when dealing with multiple teams from within an organization or when contractors are involved in the construction and/or renovation of facilities. Tracking the overall costs of projects helps a manager oversee and communicate throughout the organization from maintenance, to construction, and to senior management and finance. The organization is kept informed and surprises are minimized.

However, so many factors go into capital budget information that it can be very difficult to organize all of the information into a coherent and comprehensive budgeting and management planning tool. This task becomes even more difficult the more stakeholders are involved.

The ARCHIBUS Capital Budgeting application provides a method for tracking the capital budget cycle from request and evaluation, through approval and funding. With this information in a single, centralized location, users can execute master planning, expansion, modernization, and consolidation projects in an organized, cost-effective manner.

Asset Pic 5

The application is designed with property and facility managers, facility engineers, and strategic planners in mind. With the information that the application provides, users can execute master planning, expansion, modernization, and consolidation plans in a highly organized, cost-effective manner.

With this application, users set up capital programs that define their goals for capital improvements and create multi-year program-based capital budgets. The Capital Budgeting application provides users with the ability to incorporate capital projects and project funding allocations into the capital budget planning process. The Capital Budgeting and Project Management application enables an organization's employees to efficiently work through project requests, project analysis, project approval, funding scenarios, funding allocations, and generating a capital budget.

ARCHIBUS Capital Budgeting capabilities connect all decision makers within the capital budgeting process. The application aligns facility and infrastructure planning with the organization’s overall business plan, offering relevant information at each step via Web dashboards.

Asset Pic 5

ARCHIBUS Capital Budgeting provides a wide range of benefits for an organization, including:

  • Summarizing all capital planning activity in a consistent format to prioritize programs and projects, coordinate activities, and budget resources
  • Developing centralized methodology to efficiently manage capital projects across multiple departments and sites
  • Enabling “what-if” planning to reduce business interruption and cost overruns
  • Integrating condition assessment, capital budgeting, and project management functions to better allocate budget and resources for complete end-to-end planning

ARCHIBUS Capital Budgeting is a powerful tool when used on its own, but works best when used in conjunction with Condition Assessment and Project Management. Data from ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment application can be added to Capital Budgeting to determine existing conditions and needs.

Following the budgeting and approval process, data can be fed into the ARCHIBUS Project Management application, which uses the same tasks, costs, milestones, and program data that were developed for the capital budget during the implementation of the capital project.

You can read about Condition Assessment in the March Asset and look in next month's Asset for more information about Project Management.

Take the Next Step with ARCHIBUS Users’ Groups

Get the most out of being a part of the ARCHIBUS community by joining your local ARCHIBUS Users’ Group (AUG) and sharing insights and product information with your colleagues.

ARCHIBUS Users' Groups are ARCHIBUS community organizations around the country/region and the world designed to allow users to connect, share their successes and challenges, and learn from each other and from industry experts. AUG meetings provide outstanding opportunities for networking and education in equal measures, and members benefit from a more active relationship with ARCHIBUS, Inc.

AUGs are a great way to learn from other users in your area no matter your skill level and discover new ways to apply ARCHIBUS to common facilities management challenges.

There is always room for more inquiring minds, so here are some upcoming AUG meetings that may pay big dividends for you.

DATE AUG For more information, go to:
Aug 16th Houston, TX
Oct 4th Boston, MA

ARCHIBUS Training: In Demand...and Indispensable

Learn how to take full advantage of ARCHIBUS to enhance your productivity by signing up for our outstanding selection of ARCHIBUS training programs. ARCHIBUS, Inc. offers a wide range of training options to serve all levels of trainees — from novice through advanced — and allows you to design a curriculum that best meets your specific requirements.

Courses can be arranged and customized for an organization's special requirements and delivered on-site. If you are interested in on-site training, please contact the Training Coordinator at or call 617-227-2508.

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