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IoT for Space Utilization, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017 Registration Open, and More
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New Enterprise Asset Mgmt. App, Nexus Featured Speakers, and More
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Download Strategic Space Planning White Paper, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017 and More
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New Strategic Financial Analysis App, Nexus 2017 Call for Presentation & More
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New ARCHIBUS V.23, Nexus 2017 And More
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Thanks to Our Nexus 2016 Presenters and Attendees.
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ARCHIBUS Strategic Space Planning:
Plan short-, medium-, and long-term “what-if” scenarios for organizations of all sizes
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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Improves Asset Management with ARCHIBUS
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On Deck at ARCHIBUS Nexus 2016, San Diego: Seasoned Industry-Expert Speakers
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Navigate the Future in Real Estate, Infrastructure & Facilities Management: Chart your Course to ARCHIBUS Nexus 2016
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ARCHIBUS V.22 Brings “Intelligent Advancements” to Enterprise Asset Management, Strategic Space Planning, Environmental, and Other Capabilities
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Thanks to Our Nexus 2015 Presenters and Attendees
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ARCHIBUS Nexus Preview III: Technical Sessions, Expert Instruction, Exceptional Results
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ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015 Keynote Speakers Launch 20th Annual Event
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Registration Open!  ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015: How They Did It. How You Can Too.
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Your Work Simplified...More About Mobile in ARCHIBUS V.21.3
Vol. 23, No. 7
Announcing ARCHIBUS V.21.3: Simplicity through Intelligence.
Vol. 23, No. 6
The Nebraska Medical Center Success Story, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015, and more.
Vol. 23, No. 5
Sellafield's Keynote Video, Technology Award, CIO Review, and more.
Vol. 23, No. 4
ARCHIBUS Nexus 2014 Convenes Real Estate and Facilities Management Innovators from around the World
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ARCHIBUS Nexus Speakers and Panelists Complement Expanded University Technical Sessions
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Nexus 2014 University – Hot Topics Labs. Intensive. Interactive. Invaluable.
Vol. 23, No. 1
New Performance Metrics Framework, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2014, and More.

ARCHIBUS Newsletter — Vol. 25 No. 7

Company News

V.23 Spotlight:
Strategic Space Planning: Simplify strategic space planning and forecasting to support multifaceted space planning requirements

Real estate, infrastructure and facilities professionals and teams require the ability to integrate and adjust existing space plans that align with the strategic space plan. The ARCHIBUS Strategic Space Planning application reduces the effort needed to accomplish these goals by integrating key stakeholders’ information in a single, central enterprise information model.

ARCHIBUS Strategic Space Planning enables short-, medium-, and long-term “what if” scenario planning for organizations of all sizes. The application smoothly bridges the gap between strategic planning and tactical execution. This integrated approach enables space planners to work seamlessly from the portfolio-level through the building- and floor-scale planning features.

Best of all, the application provides space planners with the tools and platform to communicate space planning strategies to key stakeholders,  making their space planning more efficient, by responding to their needs, and optimizing space configuration and allocation on all levels of an enterprise. Learn more.

Strategic Space Planning
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Success Study

White Paper: Strategic Space Planning Simplified – Novel Tips and Techniques For Today's Space Planners

Organizations worldwide face the challenge of balancing real estate costs with the selection and utilization of facilities in a manner that best contributes to their mission. Often unpredictable macro- and microeconomic factors exacerbate this challenge. But downloading our new white paper on strategic space planning can help you avoid some common pitfalls.

For example, a facility leased two years ago on a five-year lease might not meet the occupant organization’s target space utilization rate of 85% if the organization cannot meet its hiring targets. Lease costs for the unused space now represent a sunk cost if the lease cannot be renegotiated without penalty.

Similarly, a facility that meets the location and gross area requirements for a move from one campus to another might require extensive refitting that could delay the move beyond an acceptable time frame.

These examples describe just some of the challenges facing corporations as they make facility selection and occupancy decisions to execute on larger corporate objectives. Download our white paper and learn more.

Stategic Space Planning White Paper

Community News

Ontario AUG Leader Profile: City of Hamilton's Delfina Duarte

Delfina Duarte is the Superintendent of Business Services and Technology and the Manager of Facilities Planning and Business Support for the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Originally a real estate investment professional, Delfina quickly transitioned to facilities management. Her 25-year facilities management career has lead steadily to the top: she has headed Hamilton's facilities management team for over four years. A deeply passionate ARCHIBUS user, Delfina recently took the next step by becoming the leader of the Ontario Users’ Group. We spoke to her to find out more about her role at the City of Hamilton and about her recent transition to user group leadership:

What is your role at the City of Hamilton, and how long have you been there?

I joined the City of Hamilton in 2012 and have held a number of roles within the Facility Management & Capital Programs division. My current role is Manager, Facilities Planning & Business Support. I manage a team of professionals who provide a variant of services to the broader City of Hamilton organization, including managing the Facilities Service Centre and the Building Control Centre which handle all demand work requests, and I manage over 41 building automation systems. My team is also responsible for managing technology solutions which include the ARCHIBUS implementation.This is an exciting role because it allows me to provide useful applications and business solutions that make the interface between people and buildings a much more user-friendly one.

How long have you had ARCHIBUS and what problems is it solving for you?

The City of Hamilton has had ARCHIBUS implemented for over 15 years and it is the backbone for the operation. We manage real estate, space, as well as operations & maintenance with the software. There is a tremendous amount of data that we rely on daily to manage over 510 buildings and over 6.1 Million square feet.

Read the interview

AUG Profile

ARCHIBUS Nexus 2017: Reserve Your Room Today

Make Your Hotel Room Reservation for April 30 – May 3

National Harbor, Maryland (Washington, D.C.)

You can now book your hotel room for next year’s ARCHIBUS Nexus, to be held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, Maryland USA. Don’t delay. Reserve today!

Nexus 2017

Take the Next Step with ARCHIBUS Users’ Groups

Get the most out of being a part of the ARCHIBUS community by joining your local ARCHIBUS Users’ Group (AUG) and sharing insights and product information with your colleagues.

There is always room for more inquiring minds, so here are some upcoming AUG meetings that may pay big dividends for you.

DATE AUG For more information, go to:
Wed, Nov 02 Federal Government
Tues, Dec 06 Tri-State
Wed, Dec 07 Houston

Professional Development

ARCHIBUS Training: In Demand…and Indispensable

Learn how to take full advantage of ARCHIBUS to enhance your productivity by signing up for our outstanding selection of ARCHIBUS training programs. ARCHIBUS, Inc. offers a wide range of training options to serve all levels of trainees — from novice through advanced — and allows you to design a curriculum that best meets your specific requirements.

Courses can be arranged and customized for an organization's special requirements and delivered on-site. If you are interested in on-site training, please contact the Training Coordinator at or call 617-227-2508.