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Vol. 25, No. 3
Thanks to Our Nexus 2016 Presenters and Attendees.
Vol. 25, No. 2
ARCHIBUS Strategic Space Planning:
Plan short-, medium-, and long-term “what-if” scenarios for organizations of all sizes
Vol. 25, No. 1
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Improves Asset Management with ARCHIBUS
Vol. 24, No. 6
On Deck at ARCHIBUS Nexus 2016, San Diego: Seasoned Industry-Expert Speakers
Vol. 24, No. 5
Navigate the Future in Real Estate, Infrastructure & Facilities Management: Chart your Course to ARCHIBUS Nexus 2016
Vol. 24, No. 4
ARCHIBUS V.22 Brings “Intelligent Advancements” to Enterprise Asset Management, Strategic Space Planning, Environmental, and Other Capabilities
Vol. 24, No. 3
Thanks to Our Nexus 2015 Presenters and Attendees
Vol. 24, No. 2
ARCHIBUS Nexus Preview III: Technical Sessions, Expert Instruction, Exceptional Results
Vol. 24, No. 1
ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015 Keynote Speakers Launch 20th Annual Event
Vol. 23, No. 9
Registration Open!  ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015: How They Did It. How You Can Too.
Vol. 23, No. 8
Your Work Simplified...More About Mobile in ARCHIBUS V.21.3
Vol. 23, No. 7
Announcing ARCHIBUS V.21.3: Simplicity through Intelligence.
Vol. 23, No. 6
The Nebraska Medical Center Success Story, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2015, and more.
Vol. 23, No. 5
Sellafield's Keynote Video, Technology Award, CIO Review, and more.
Vol. 23, No. 4
ARCHIBUS Nexus 2014 Convenes Real Estate and Facilities Management Innovators from around the World
Vol. 23, No. 3
ARCHIBUS Nexus Speakers and Panelists Complement Expanded University Technical Sessions
Vol. 23, No. 2
Nexus 2014 University – Hot Topics Labs. Intensive. Interactive. Invaluable.
Vol. 23, No. 1
New Performance Metrics Framework, ARCHIBUS Nexus 2014, and More.

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Nexus 2014 University – Hot Topics Labs.

Intensive. Interactive. Invaluable.

The ARCHIBUS Nexus 2014 Hot Topics Labs are a new offering that will have you immersed in key ARCHIBUS technical subject matter and increase your value as a real estate and facilities management professional.

Home Page Dashboard Development. This Hot Topics Lab is a 1.5-hour tutorial led by an ARCHIBUS trainer designed for System Administrators and those needing to learn how to develop the V.21.2 Page Navigators.

Metrics Definition. This Hot Topics Lab is designed for System Administrators and others interested in learning how to develop metric calculations, capture trends at regular intervals, or trigger alerts for data that are veering away from desired benchmarks or outside of acceptable ranges.

Revit Integration. A Lab designed for BIM Specialists, Space Planners, Asset Managers, and others who will be responsible for integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) data and floor plans between Revit and ARCHIBUS.

Mobile Configuration. Going Mobile? This Lab is for System Administrators, IT Managers, and those responsible for enabling and configuring mobile devices for operations and surveys in the field.

Remember – you can also attend Nexus Conference sessions with inspired users sharing their best practices and helping you become a more strategic player in your own organization. Users like:

ARCHIBUS Users' Group News

ARCHIBUS Italian Users' Group January 22 Meeting Brings Big News to Big Business Names

Interest in the latest ARCHIBUS offerings was plain to see in the January 22 ARCHIBUS Users' Group meeting in Rome at the offices of Telecom Italia, the nation's leading telecommunications company. Also in attendance were participants representing major organizations such as Enel, Ferservizi, Eni, Finmeccanica, CSI, ADR, and CNR.

The ARCHIBUS users' group was established three years ago by ARCHIBUS and Business Partner eFM. Coordinated by Marco Esposito of Ferservizi, the group facilitates the exchange of best practices and other ideas among ARCHIBUS users who want to stay on top of developments.

Among other topics, ARCHIBUS reviewed the new ARCHIBUS V.21.2. The meeting also looked at ways to reduce Total Cost of Ownership and Risks. Also addressed were issues related to compliance, space management, maintenance management, HSE risk management, and building operations.

We thank everyone for their participation and look forward to the next meeting.

Upcoming AUG Meetings

If you'd like to get involved in an ARCHIBUS Users' Group, there's no time like the present. To find out about, and sign-up for, upcoming meetings, click here.


AUG Leader Profile

Tri-State AUG Leader Randy Dinnison: Hitting the Right Notes in Hot Desking...and User Group Meeting Content

In addition to recently learning how to play the mandolin, Tri-State ARCHIBUS Users' Group (AUG) Leader Randy Dinnison has also, you might say, been instrumental in improving space management worldwide at Reed Elsevier. The company is one of the leading publishers and information providers operating in the science, medical, legal, risk and business sectors. Randy took a few moments to fill us in on his role at Reed Elsevier and his Tri-State AUG group's activities in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana region.

Randy, what's your role at Reed Elsevier and how long have you been there?

I'm currently the company's Facilities Administration Manager. My group is based in Dayton, Ohio, but we're responsible for the company's global holdings so I manage the ARCHIBUS system and our internal corporate web sites covering 194 buildings' mostly leased space, with a total of 5.3 million square feet of space under management.

How long have you had ARCHIBUS and what problems is it solving for you?

We've had ARCHIBUS for ten years now. We use it primarily for space management in planning seating assignments for our 25,000 employees. We're also using Project Management and will be adding other applications in the future.

When did you get involved in the AUG leadership and what have your meetings been covering?

I've been the Tri-State AUG leader for two years now. The group now consists of members, most of whom are in the Cincinnati area but with some in Dayton, and some new members in the Louisville, Kentucky area and from Indiana. In a typical meeting, we'll have maybe a dozen people in a room with others joining us using WebEx. The meetings are usually half technical in nature and the other half is devoted to operational issues, how people are using ARCHIBUS and how they can use it more effectively to solve their problems.

What kind of feedback do you get from AUG members?

The feedback has been good. It's been an effective way to share technical tips and just getting together is motivational because we can see what others are doing with ARCHIBUS, which helps generate some excitement.

How did you get into facilities management in the first place?

I began in the furniture industry, at The Office Pavilion, a Herman Miller dealership, where I did space planning and furniture specifications. From there, I worked for NCR for a while doing design work and where I made the move into facilities. After that came Reed Elsevier, where I've been for the last 20 years. I started out doing move management then small construction project planning/management on the Dayton campus; then I got involved in field projects around the U.S. for moves and renovations. Now my facilities administration role has more of a focus on ARCHIBUS.

Was FM your original field of interest?

Actually, I started out in Interior design, and then got increasingly involved in Facilities Management by on the job training and taking BOMA and IFMA training courses. So there was no master plan, I just figured out a career path as I went along.

When you're not fighting fires, what do you do for fun?

I like rock climbing but I'm also learning how to play bluegrass-style mandolin. I'm a fan of mandolin players like Sam Bush and Ricky Skaggs, whose autobiography I just read, as well as Chris Thiele of The Punch Brothers. But I also like the sound of the older, traditional bluegrass bands like The Stanley Brothers.

What kind of instrument are you learning on?

Thanks to a gift from my parents, I've stepped up to an Eastman A5 mandolin, which is considered a serious entry-level instrument that is made in China. I started with a used $150 mandolin and, while I'm not a great player by any means, even I could hear all the buzzes and bad spots on it so I finally traded up to the Eastman.

What's your next ARCHIBUS project?

We'll be adding Move Management soon and then we'll be working on a flexible/agile space initiative here in the U.S. where two or more people share a desk – hot desking – to help us reduce space and lease costs.

Hot desking is something we're using extensively now at pilot projects in Europe and Asia where up to 90% of our seats are set-up as a hot desking environment – the culture is more open to that in those countries. But we're starting to slowly roll the concept out in the U.S. and using ARCHIBUS to make the case for it by documenting utilization and finding where big efficiencies can be made. Those efficiencies mean being able to take advantage of space subletting, terminating leases early and other strategies that can lower our operating cost.

Our whole portfolio is now 14% flexible space overall but we're looking for ways to continue driving that number up. We are working with real estate consultants to help us in that regard as we track and analyze data in ARCHIBUS.