Strategic Master Planning
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Johnson County, KS
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Hamilton County, OH (2013)
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Great American Insurance
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Hamilton County, OH (2012)
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University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ
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"Using ARCHIBUS has vastly improved facilities asset management and accountability, yielding a conservative two-year savings of $2 million to WSDOT."
Tom Kuchman
System Administrator
WA State Dept. of Transportation

Strategic Master Planning

Align facilities and infrastructure development with plans by evaluating historical use and forecasting future needs


  • Assists in developing facility and infrastructure plans of various time frames to best align with organizational needs
  • Avoids tying up valuable capital by accurately forecasting costs based on historic information
  • Maximizes operational efficiencies by mapping departmental affinities
  • Keeps costs under control by seamlessly transitioning strategic program information to space planners

Strategic Master Planning Screenshot

Organizations typically are in a constant state of flux because of expansion, downsizing, merger, or acquisition activity. The ARCHIBUS Strategic Master Planning application helps organizations better align facilities and infrastructure development with organizational changes through sophisticated analysis of historical space data and other information. Now it’s easy to develop short-, medium-, or long-term facility and infrastructure plans —and cost estimates—while maximizing operational efficiencies. ARCHIBUS Strategic Master Planning allows you to easily evaluate and manage the inevitable change that all organizations face.